Future Perfect and Future Perfect Continuous

Examples of future perfect:       

simple                I'll (I will) have been here 10 days.                        I won't (will not) have been here 10 days.      
                         Will you have finished by the time I get back?

continuous        I'll (I will) have been working here for a year this time next week.      I won't (will not) have been working here ...
                        How long will you have been working here at the end of this year?

Use the verbs in brackets to put the following into the future perfect simple or the future perfect continuous:



I came to Spain in 1982. Next year I (be) here 20 years.

Where on earth is Tony? I'm tired of waiting for him. Soon we (wait) here for an hour.

Well, Mary, in six months we (be) married 25 years. How about a party to celebrate?

I'm going to be a very rich man. I'm sure that by the time I'm 40 I (make) my first million.

Alex: Well, Rosie will be in Madrid by now.
      Jim:  No, she won't. Her plane (not/land) yet.

Once this room is finished, we (paint) six of the seven rooms in the house. Not bad for two days' work.

Do you think you (finish) writing that report by the time I get back?

Alex: Where's Julia? Is she coming or not?
      Jim:   She was here but she (left) by now. She said she was going at three o'clock. It's half past three now.



Correct answer: will have been

Correct answer: will have been waiting

Correct answer: will have been.

Correct answer: will have made

Correct answer: won't have landed

Correct answer: will have painted

Correct answer: will have finished

Correct answer: will have left

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