Complete the following sentences with one of the following words :

can | could | may | might | should | ought to | shall | will

(Some sentences offer two possibilities.) ( The answers are at the bottom of the page.)

1. The article stated that he ___________ read at the age of three.

2. You ____________ take a sweater in case it gets cold.

3. It's going to rain all afternoon. ___________ we go to the cinema?

4. Scott ________ be 21 at the end of the month.

5. Julie said they traffic was heavy, so she ___________ be late for the meeting.

6. You look a bit confused. ________ I help you?

7. You stole a CD from a friend? You _____________ be ashamed of yourself!

8. I don't know the meaning of this word. _______ I borrow your dictionary?


  1)  could    2)  should/ought to    3)    shall      4) will      5) might      6) can      7) ought to/should      8) may  
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